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June 26 2017

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Golden Girls had a lot of progressive messages, but I personally think this was the most important one from a 90s television show.

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My heart busts a nut every time someone tells me they saw something and thought of me


bf: *nuts*
me: thatll be $15
bf: wtf i thought u were my gf
me: “if you’re good at something never do it for free” — heath ledger


Imagine if John Lennon were still alive and tweeting frequently on current events…. he’d be insufferable. God


Cracking open a cold and broken hallelujah

I work at a swim school and we occasionally have birthday parties. I over hear a conversation one of the kids had with their mom




Hears conversation between a mom and daughter who is like 6.

Mom: Looking at news article on phone about Sam Smith**

Girl: Mommy why is Sam Smith kissing a boy?

Mom: it’s because he’s gay honey.

Girl: Mommy what does gay mean?

Mom: Like girls like boys, it’s when boys like boys.

Girl: Oh….well why can’t girls like girls?

Mom: They can they’re called lesbians.

Girl: lessions?

Mom: No, Les-Bee-Ens.

Girl: Oh Okay,….can I be lesbian?

Mom: Sure, only if you feel that way, why?

Girl: Cuz there’s this girl name katey and she’s really really pretty like prettier then Elsa.


Girl: Yeah, I want her to be my girlfriend.

Mom: Okay, wait…what about that other kid you liked, that boy named Jimmy.

Girl: I don’t like Jimmy anymore, I only said that cause I thought I didn’t have anymore options but boys.

Mom: *starts dying laughing*

Me *starts dying laughing*

This is the cutest thing I’ve read today

Tiny lesbians realising that they can like girls yes good

Go be girlfriends with your prettier than Elsa lady love, smol lesbian <3


I whisper “what the fuck” to myself 50 times a day

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from : weheartit

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thick thighs and big brown eyes


You deserve to be insanely happy. You deserve to feel appreciated. You deserve to feel important to people that are important to you. You deserve to believe in yourself. Your dreams aren’t ridiculous. Your goals aren’t stupid and naive. You deserve to feel inner peace. You deserve to have clarity. You deserve to feel grounded. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to feel loved and supported - especially by yourself.


anyone else bummed they have 2 sleep alone tonight and uh not in some1s arms

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big mood

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nurses also appreciate the hell out of this!!!! listen we dont give a single flying F U C K what you do to your body. if you’re in trouble we’re here to help you. promise. i promise you, i have seen weirder in the ER.

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